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Why use nonwovens in electrics and electronics?

Vaxt: 2022-11-26 Oxunub: 1

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Thanks to nonwovens a water-blocking tape can be designed to be conductive or non-conducive and is impregnated with a powder which expands on contact with water. The expansion prevents water seeping along the cable.
The high porosity which can be achieved in nonwovens is an important factor, as a thermal barrier can be established by means of air trapped between fibres. Conductivity can be obtained by carbon impregnation of the porous structure.

The advantages of using nonwovens in electrics and electronics
High porosity
Çekme gücü
Elektrik müqaviməti
Resistance to aging and variations of temperature

Nonwovens technologies used in electrics and electronics
Drylaid carded
Spunlaid / Meltblown

Different applications are:
Elektrik kabelləri
Communications cables
Industrial cables
Yanacaq hüceyrələri
Battery separators
Cable wrapping

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